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Camping near Mâcon

Les Portes du Beaujolais campsite is located 40 minutes south of Mâcon. The route is direct by the highway of the sun: an ideal opportunity to discover the historic center of the one also called the « City Lamartine ».

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Mâcon, a historic town on the edge of Saône

An important communication hub since antiquity under the name Matisco, the city of Mâcon has prospered over the centuries thanks to its strategic position as a border city between the Holy German Empire and the Kingdom of France.

It is now famous for being the birthplace of the poet Lamartine (1790-1869). It is impossible to miss the statue depicting the poet on the edge of Saône and in front of the town hall.

The Ursulines Museum, a must-see in Mâcon and Mâconnais, includes a rich and recent space entirely dedicated to the writer.

The great architectural richness of Mâcon close to the campsite makes this city on the Saône a a must-see destination not to be missed: the 15th century wooden house decorated with snarky sculptures, the apothecary of the Hôtel-Dieu, with its décor unchanged since the 18th century, or the Romanesque Church of St. Peter erected in the heart of the city in the 19th century, bear witness to the city’s long history.

The « Feather Trail », a journey-discovery of Mâcon created in homage to Lamartine, leads walkers from sites to monuments using bronze feathers embedded in the ground.

Some thirty places are to be discovered during this walk that allows you to discover the historical heritage, but also cultural, natural or gastronomic of Mâcon.

Frans smuseum Mâcon

Top 5 things to do in Mâcon

Take advantage of your stay at the campsite near Mâcon to discover the riches of the city! If activities and sites to visit are legion in Mâcon, some are must-sees not to be missed:

  • The walks on the banks of the Saône and the crossing of the St. Lawrence Bridge to enjoy a magnificent view of the river.
  • A visit to the Ursulines Museum, housed in a former convent: its rich collections of local archaeology, its department of fine arts and its recent Lamartine space can be discovered through a playful and family-friendly treasure hunt.
Rue Carnot Mâcon
Ingangsteken Mâcon
Mâcon view
Mâcon cemetery
Lamartine Mâcon High School
Building Mozart Bioux Mâcon
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  • The old historic centre and the wooden house: the oldest house in the city, a unique façade decorated with a multitude of surprising wooden sculptures.
  • An unusual guided tour or thematic tour of the city and its secrets, in the secret courtyards of mansions, in the footsteps of Lamartine or through a wine tasting tour of the Mâconnais.
  • The tour of the sites of Mâcon following the « Plume Trail »: one or two hours of walk in perspective, explanatory terminals in front of 28 sites of interest, a playful markup and a dedicated mobile application.

Ideal campsite for a holiday near Mâcon

Located on the edge of Saône, less than 50 km downstream from the city of Lamartine, Les Portes du Beaujolais is an ideal destination for a camping holiday in Mâcon. The Sun Highway connects your holiday destination to the city of Mâcon in just 40 minutes.

A short walk from the campsite, Anse station also allows you to reach the centre of Mâcon in less than an hour by TER: ideal for a day of unconstrained sightseeing or shopping!

To follow in the footsteps of Lamartine by combining the visit of Mâcon with that of Milly, or simply to discover the architectural heritage of the old town, the location of the campsite Les Portes du Beaujolais is ideal.

You will enjoy extensive pitches and comfortable rentals on a site including swimming pool, wellness area, restaurant, mini-golf and many other leisure facilities: with family, couple, colleagues or friends, your camping trip in the Rhone promises to be unforgettable!

The surroundings of Macon
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