Fourvière is the hill that dominates the centre of Lyon to the west, and the central district.
It is the oldest part of Lyon, the foundation of the Roman city of Lugdunum on the ancient site of the Gaulish sanctuary dedicated to the god Lug (Lugdunum meaning hill of Lug).
Discover Fourvière by taking "La Ficelle", a Lyonnais term to designate the funicular.
The impressive Basilica, located on the ancient Roman forum, is a must-see!
A blend of Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque art where architectural elements of ten centuries have been sewn together, it evokes either a set depicting an elaborate wedding venue for the most pagan or for the believers a fabulous place with similarities to Saint Jean de Compostela.
The Lyonnais nicknamed it the upside-down elephant, relating to its four corner towers which evoke the four legs of a pachyderm.
Nearby is the esplanade and its sublime viewpoint over Lyon across to the Alps.
Only a few steps away is the archaeological park of Fourvière from where you can admire the magnificent ancient theater.
Then discover the pleasant Rosary gardens, the greenery and beautiful flowers will be a feast for the eyes for nature lovers.