<div class="cbp-l-project-title" >Family Day out between Saône and Dombes</div>
Family Day out between Saône and Dombes

◊ Have fun with your family using the game-booklets and other adventure-games:
- Trévoux: game-booklet to visit the town with children 3€.
4 original walks to discover the history of Saône and ponds. A wide gallery of picturesque characters to discover with
the application “the water and the humans”. Map and travel booklet 1€.
According to the season, enjoy the visits and the workshops at the Trevoux fortified castle as well as in the Dombes
Ancient Parliament. From 4€/adult. On sale at the tourist office in Ars Trévoux - 04 74 00 36 32
- Châtillon sur Chalaronne: Fifrelin compagnies you in a life-size investigation. Kit adventure “Detective of the
medieval town” at 10€. Kit adventure “the flight of storks” 12€. Enjoy a walk in nature around the pond Prêle in
Valeins. Lulu the dragonfly takes little-ones and grown-ups in an investigation composed of games, puzzle and quiz to
understand the ecosystem of a pond while having fun. On sale at the Tourist office - 04 74 55 02 27
- Vonnas : walk in Chapondor’s country, trail game for the children in the village 12€. On sale at the Tourist office -
04 74 50 04 47
- Bourg-en-Bresse Brou royal monastery (cf. week 13) : Alaric in search of the Monastery, an original and free
of charge formula to visit the monastery with children from 6 to 10 years old (adults only pay the entrance). Discover
the life of a future monk, barely 8 years old by walking all around the monastery: the church, the three cloisters, the
dormitory, the monks’ rooms... it’s large and full of surprises! 04 74 22 83 83
◊ Museum of the miniature train in Châtillon sur Chalaronne : 25 years of passion were needed to achieve the gigantic
show. 1 000 light spots and a starry sky illuminate the sceneries composed of 1 km rails, 30 trains, 400 wagons. Buy your
ticket, attention to the train departure ! 04 74 55 03 54 (cf. week 17)
◊ Monsieur Seguin’s farm at La chapelle du Châtelard : in half a day, Mr Seguin will teach you how to make your
bread, discover and feed the farm animals: sheep, woolly pigs, donkeys, rabbits, geeses… and the famous angora goats!
Children and the older generation will end the visit by a gourmet pause with a snack prepared with farm products (tart
baked in a wood fire, fruit jellies...) - 04 74 24 51 86 (cf.week 5)
◊ Grottes du Cerdon à Labalme : prehistorical leisure park. A small train takes you back in time and prehistory. Then an
underground domaine opens up to you in ocre and sienna colours. From 4 years old.
Here, along a 1h30 path, you’ll discover how the water has shaped the walls since the beginning of time. As in a cathedral
some sounds resonate breaking the Millennium silence. After the wide hall, with some efforts you’ll end up outside
on a surprising belvedere overlooking the Cerdon valley - 04 74 37 36 79

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