<div class="cbp-l-project-title" >Bourg, the capital of the Bresse region</div>
Bourg, the capital of the Bresse region

Discover the capital of the Bresse region !
◊ Morning: Bourg-en-Bresse, a historical and gastronomic city. Discover old neighborhoods, an ancient roman city,
attached to the Savoy kingdom during the middle age and until the XVIth century when it became French. Its past
evident by the Medieval wooden houses and the Renaissance frontage of private mansion. Built at the beginning of
the XVIth century on the order of Marguerite of Austria with secret touches of pearl in a flamboyant Gothic style with
stone and marble. The “Monastère Royal de Brou” (cf. week 13), was classed the favourite monument for the French
in 2014, it is a proof of eternal love. Discover the princely tomb, its altarpiece, its stone jubé.
◊ Lunch: Restaurant Mets et Vins: a chef who likes local produce and “homemade” from starters to desserts - 9 - 11
rue de la République -Bourg-en-Bresse - 04 74 45 20 78 (cf. week 13)
Brasserie le Français, from 1932 the same family welcomes you to this local institution in a Belle Epoque - 7 avenue
Alsace Lorraine - Bourg-en-Bresse - 04 74 22 55 14 ( cf. week 41)
◊ Afternoon: The Revermont and the Myon Mountain. A few kilometers from Bourg-en-Bresse, stand the small steep
slopes of the beginning of, Revermont. Don’t miss the Myon Mount (662 m) where you can admire a 360 ° panorama...
This site is amongst the most famous in Rhône-Alpes for paragliding.
◊ Speciality “capital of gastronomy”:
- AOP of Bresse : Poultry of Bresse, Conté cheese, Butter and cream of Bresse. Fer’andises : Farm producers store
-170 rue du village -Saint-Denis-lès-Bourg
- Le Fromager affineur (cheese): 8 avenue Alsace Lorraine - Bourg-en-Bresse
◊ Gourmet evening: Restaurant Au Vieux Meillonnas (Bib gourmand 2016), in a country-style setting ,you will enjoy a
nicely prepared meal with regional products! Meillonnas - 04 74 51 34 46 (cf. week 26)
◊ Good idea: Discovery pass1 ticket bought = 2 sites with discounts (Abbaye de Cluny, Royal Monastary of Brou et le Hameau
Duboeuf)(cf. week 45, 13 and 39) Autumn colors in Bourg en Bresse : free artistic light show of Monastère Royal de
Brou and Theater of Bourg-en-Bresse, from 17th June to 17th September Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as soon as nightfall
15 mn.
◊ Leasure: The market of Bourg-en-Bresse Wednesday morning and Saturday morning. Visit of the Hôtel Dieu apothecary,
walks in the forest of Seillon, adventure park in Saint-Etienne-du-Bois, golf. Reverdiau Faience workshop: open all year -
101 rue de la Croix Céty - Meillonnas.
Country house in Bresse : in a site of over 2 hectares, 5 typicals bresse architecture buildings with 2000 m2 exhibition for a
time travel - Montaplan - Saint-Étienne-du-Bois - 04 74 30 52 54
The Revermont Muséum : botanical trail to discover ancient and contemporary uses of plants - 40 rue Principale, Treffort-
Cuisiat - 04 74 51 32 42

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