<div class="cbp-l-project-title" >Zwischen Dombes und Saône</div>
Zwischen Dombes und Saône

A day along the Chalaronne river
◊ Morning: Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne is located in the heart of Dombes. Be guided and discover all the secrets of this
medieval city through the bends of the paved streets and the old town where red bricks and half-timbered buildings sit
side by side. Go for a timeless walk that will take you into a medieval past. This town, full of character is known for its
preserved architectural heritage as well as its exceptional flowers (village classed 4 flowers). Stroll under the 15th century
market building and stride along the medieval alleys. Don’t miss its famous rare plants and flower market organized
every year the second week-end of September.
In summer the Tourist Office organizes guided walking or carriage visits.
◊ Lunch: Restaurant de laTour - “cocooning” and gastronomy, Place de la République - Châtillon - 04 74 55 05 12
(cf. week 17)
This gastronomic restaurant serve creative recipes inspired by Dombes specialities.
Chez Mr Bidard, Le Bourg - L’Abergement-Clémenciat - 04 74 24 00 23 – You have two cuisine options : gourmet at
Saint Lazare restaurant or “bistrot” at l’Epicerie
◊ Afternoon: Enjoy a moment of pure relaxation walking through the Aquatic Gardens of Saint-Didier-sur-Chalaronne,
(cf. week 26) 15000 m2 of a landscaped park of an Asiatic inspiration. Discover local plant heritage but also aquatic
plants such as the legendary Lotus...Change of scene guaranteed in the very special universe of the “Bamboo Garden”
with its 50 varieties of bamboos.
Dare a refreshing break at the foot of the 3 meter high waterfall!
Les jardins aquatiques, Moulin des Vernes - Saint-Didier/Chalaronne - 04 74 04 03 09
◊ Speciality “capital of gastronomy”:
- “Panillon” from Cyrille Vernoux. Inspired from an historical receipe, a gourmet bread made with safran and
almonds - 98 rue Pasteur - Châtillon - 04 74 55 01 17
- Dombes carp leather products at the tourist office in Châtillon
◊ Gourmet evening: Restaurant “Chez Noëlle”- Relevant - 04 74 55 32 90 - This charming house is located in the
countryside in a lovely little village in the heart of the Dombes. Peacefulness assured and gastronomy to discover! Member
of the“ Les Cuisiniers de la Dombes”. (cf. 2017 week 34)
◊ Tips: The market of Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne Saturday mornings
◊ Activities: Fifrelin adventure games, visit the arboretum of Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne, carriage ride in Dombes, visit art
workshops. Why not try the experience of real life through a model train on 200m2 of track, in model train museum (cf.
week 17), balloon tour.

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