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Family Day out in Beaujolais

◊ Espace Pierres Folles (cf. week 33, 43, 6 et 35) : A marvelous trip through time in the kingdom of crazy rocks.
• A museum and also a geological path to discover the incredible variety of rocks and fossils in the Beaujolais.
• A botanical garden with a vast area to relax.
• Guided visits adapted to all ages : walks, botanical workshops or geological digs to uncover fossils.
www.espace-pierre-folles.com - 116 chemin du Pinay - 69380 Saint Jean des Vignes - 04 78 43 69 20
open March to end of November.
◊ Courzieu Park : encounters with wolves, the birds of prey... (cf semaine 3)
25 hectares of grounds and 4 daily encounters with the animals from the wolves to the snails passing by the birds of
prey and owls. Spend a day discovering this animal park, in ideal surroundings which will delight both the young and
old. Learning and respect for the environment are the keywords of the park.
◊ Destination VR: A leisure centre dedicated to Virtual Reality! Unique in France.... and only 2 steps away from Camping les
Portes du Beaujolais! Completely immerse yourself into a breathtaking world of virtual reality: Games for 1 or 2 hours, as a
family or with friends, games for all tastes and styles...all in an extraordinary setting! (cf. semaine 7)
◊ Miniature Train in Anse (cf. week 11): The miniature train of Anse offers you a fun ride wihich will drop you
down to the little lake «Colombier» or at the entrance of the old town of Anse. Every 2nd Saturday from April to September
let’s try the steam train «La Fernande». www.cftanse.fr - 04 74 60 26 16 - Pont de l’Azergues - 69480 Anse
Rides from Easter to Halloween.
◊ Motorsport leisure: Share Julien’s passion, winner of the Bol d’Or 2015 by trying a quad or mini bike. Other open air
activities are also available, such as : lasergame, human baby foot .
◊ Touroparc : A zoo with 700 animals and an amusement park.
◊ Footsal : reference centre for indoor football, is delighted to welcome you to his sports facility with 5 pitches to play
with friends. Discover the paddle ‘a racket sport mix of tennis and squash’, play badminton (the 2nd most played sport
worldwide)(cf. week 27)
◊ Colombier lake: In a natural park of 120 hectares, enjoy swimming in a 70 hectare lake, life guard on duty in summer:
children’s games, health walk , fishing, beach tavern. Free
www.tourismepierresdorees.com - 04 74 60 26 16 - 69480 Anse

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