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Castle life

From big to small…
◊ Morning: On your way to Clochemerle, well known because of the eponymous book by Gabriel Chevallier, admire the
impregnable view of the Château de Montmelas (cf. week 15): initially a strong hold for the Squires of Beaujeu and
redesigned in the XIXth century with crenelated walls, battlements, it is truly a fairy tale castle.
Go back in time by visiting the village of Salles-Arbuissonnas, its Benedictine priory founded in the 10th century
under the authority of Cluny Abbey, it is the last Roman cloister in this region. The Priory museum retraces the lives of
the canonesses, between wordily sophistication and religious life, these powerful noblewomen profoundly influenced
life in the village (cf. week 45).
◊ Lunch: Auberge de Clochemerle - Rue Gabriel Chevalier 69460 Vaux en Beaujolais - 04 74 03 20 16
Michelin starred gastronomic restaurant,cuisine, from 42€ pp (cf. 2017 week 51)
Relais casse-croûte du Parasoir - 69870 Saint-Cyr-le-Châtoux - 04 74 67 29 89 (cf. week 07)
Terrace with a panoramic view, rental electric bike, interesting museum of old engines- entrance free.
1 course meal
◊ Afternoon: Stroll through the picturesque village of Vaux en Beaujolais alias “Clochemerle” with its talking flowerpots
and the Gabriel Chevalier museum (retracing juicy anecdotes from the novel), the theatrical roundabout and the infamous
“pissotière” in the centre of the square of “petit tertre”. Admire the large fresco painting that received the “pinceau d’or”
in 2012.
Leaving the “Petit Tertre” square, follow the talking flower pots through the village up to the school, the highest point in
the village where you will get an exceptional view of the surrounding vineyards and the Saône valley.
◊ Wine tasting domaine: Domaine des Arbins - 69460 Vaux en Beaujolais - 04 74 03 26 53 ( cf. week 18)
A +: respectful of the environment , the vineyard is surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and plants.
◊ Musical evening: Voulez-Vous Grand Lyon - 181 avenue Général Leclerc - 69480 Anse - 02 38 86 79 63
Dinner and modern cabaret, using modern multimedia technology, sound and light.(cf. week 11)
◊ Activities: Tree adventure park at Au fil des arbres in Blacé. Guided tours (les contes du Patrimoine cf. week 43).
Tea time with Mamie in Denicé. Cooking school with Fred in Perréon.
◊ Tips: Visit Chateau Montmelas (cf. week 15) each 1st Saturday of the month at 11am + Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
in July and August. Visit the Salles-Arbuissonnas priory (cf. week 37) and the Claude Bernard museum (cf. 2017
week 51) in Saint Julien (free entrance every first Sunday of the month).

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